For the past 20 years Aimtech has been involved in joint projects with, and custom work for,  many companies. We have performed research and development tasks, produced prototypes and run production for many of the largest companies in the firearms industry. In just the past few years we have manufactured more than a million parts for our OEM and proprietary parts customers. Perhaps you have been looking for someone to manufacture parts for you, or maybe you are running your own parts but need some help to handle your work volume. We may be the company you’ve been looking for.

We don’t take every project we are approached with, but if you are legitimate and honest in your expectations and financially sound we’d love to talk with you.

We have 3D scanning and back engineering capabilities, CNC turning and machining, CNC plasma and laser cutting and marking , tumbling and blasting, welding and fabrication , powder coating, oxiding, parkerizing and even woodworking capabilities.

NOTE: When we approach working with another company we are very serious. We don’t have time to waste and we know that if our customer is serious, they don’t have time to waste either. If that appeals to you then email us with your need and we’ll respond. We may seem overly cautious and ambivalent at first, we are not, but we have to insure that the work we do is profitable and that the people we deal with are honest, reputable U.S. citizens. We will check you out completely, and it’s nothing personal and not a reflection on anything but our desire to have time available for the right type customers that are the best “fit” for our style.