Aimtech designs and manufacturers scope and electronic sight mounting systems and firearms accessories.

We have been involved in the firearms industry for 32 years (since 1976!) and have been designing , manufacturing and marketing mounting systems and other accessories for 24 of those years.

We have designed products for many of the largest companies in the firearms industry and on a daily basis we OEM/private label manufacture for them as well.

APM28BUT….our “first love, is designing innovative scope mounting solutions for avid shooters, hunters, law enforcement and military folks. We started out in a “backyard gun shop” and aren’t ashamed of it at all. We added new designs each year and we never copied what others were doing. There isn’t a mount on this site that we didn’t invent from scratch and bring to the market first. If you see one “just like” ours, it’s a copy of ours and chances are it is made somewhere other than the United States.

We have introduced more than 200 new products since we started the company and on this website alone there are more than 120 different mounts listed . We will continue to offer innovative mounts and accessories  and if we don’t have what you want please put in a request for it by phone or email. We design new models each year based on how many calls we get for them rather than us deciding what we think will sell. If you are asking for it often enough then we have the good sense to listen and make it available.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and see something here that makes you want to hunt and shoot more! Be safe, be happy and God Bless America!


ARM7 (2)

ARM-7 “Second Sight” solid see-thru mounting base for Browning BLR